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About Us

Est. 2009

Nestled comfortably in the warm heart of Providence, Rhode Island is a modest studio with enough room to either silkscreen or move around, just not at the same time. The ideas this company were founded upon transcend these spacial constraints, offering a source of inspiration to our loyal sweatshop workers, as they dream of their positive impact on our world.

We believe that the energy and power of our youthful generation will be the catalyst to artistic movement and change. We are a small-scale t-shirt production studio with aspirations which are both grandiose and noble. We seek to change the planet, somehow, one t-shirt at a time. Although the correlation between major world change and short-sleeved garments is still entirely unclear to us, we push on.

We are determined. We are tireless. We are: Nineteen Something.


Get at us!


We’ll do anything for a quick buck.. well, almost anything.

See anything you like? Send us an email, even if we are sold out or don’t have your size — we’ll do our best to figure something out for you. We’re reasonable guys.